Short Sale Your Home

A short sale in real estate is when a lender allows a homeowner to sell their home for less than the debt owed on the mortgage. By working with the right listing agent, many homeowners are able to have all their debt forgiven.

A short sale is the best option for many homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage payments, and have been unsuccessful getting their loan rates refinanced or reduced to an affordable rate. In both a short sale and a foreclosure the property is lost, however, a short sale only affects one's credit for two years. A foreclosure, on the other hand, will negatively impact your credit for seven or more years. Another benefit of a short sale is that many banks and government programs offer financial assistance with completing the sale and moving costs. Those who are foreclosed on don't receive that type of assistance.

Choosing the right short sale agent is imperative. Their job entails much more than slapping the listing into MLS and throwing up a For Sale sign; they will be handling negotiations with the bank. If the short sale agent has inadequate experience dealing with loss mitigation and negotiators, the seller will be the one who suffers in the long run.

An experienced agent will be much better suited to negotiate with a lender, because not all lenders handle short sales the same way. The right agent can assure that you will pay little to nothing when selling your home, and their sales commissions are paid by the bank, not the buyer or seller. allows you to search for the closest short sale agents in your neighborhood, and view and compare their short sale profiles, so that you can make an informed choice when choosing who to work with.

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